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About me

Hi! I'm a young girl from Joensuu (in Finland) but now living in Helsinki. I'm studying psychology at the University of Helsinki and I will graduate a psychologist in the future. I really like to help people and therefore psychologist is my dream job! I also like maths and it's my minor subject.

I'm living with my floor mate. My ex- floor mate had a cat. Because of this lovely cat I'm starting to love cats. Also spiders are awesome! I'm a spider addict, I think. Maybe I will take a spider as a pet in the future.

I really like music and I have played in many bands. If you want to see what kind of music I like, check out my Last.fm.

I'm one of the admins of Bio-Klaani. That's an awesome gang from Internet. We also write a role playing game called Klaanon together.

A huge loving hug for Crudelis Diabolus for my blog's design <3

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