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Bio-Klaani –What is it?

At first my blog had targeted the members of Bio-Klaani but now I think it’s not like that anymore. Because of this, all the readers of my blog have to know what is the mystic Bio-Klaani. I warn you: this will be an interesting story.

Almost eight years ago (!!!) I set up Bio-Klaani with Tawa. It was the (Finnish) internet forum about Bionicle (Lego’s toys). At that time Bio-Klaani had an active internet community. Although I’m one of the admins there, I still was inactive for some years. I did a comeback almost three years ago and I got addiction again.

Now the members of Bio-Klaani are huge consumers of media (films, tv-series, games and so on…) which now it’s the most common factor as well as our role playing game Klaanon. We aren’t anymore so interested in Bionicle because the Lego series ended and children grew up. Still we have the role playing game Klaanon which is based on the story of Bionicle. We don’t call Klaanon a role playing game anymore because it’s more like a novel now.

Bio-Klaani has changed for a lifelong group of friends. We really like to have fun together because we have a tradition to visit somebody’s cottage for a week at least twice in a year. Although we live around Finland we still meet quite often.

I’m a really happy that I have like this group of friends. I just love them. Now I realize how difficult it is to try to explain this to you… The members of Bio-Klaani have  really similar sense of humor (double entendre) and because of that we enjoy each other. Oh now… This sounds really like a double entendre.

Now you know what’s Bio-Klaani! I think that I will speak a lot about it here.


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