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About me as a writer

I think that writing is nice but when it comes to high school and academic levels, it’s not fun anymore. I have written a diary in childhood and I also wrote some stories in adolescence. Nowadays I gave been writing in my blog a couple of years. In addition, I wrote a role playing game (but now it’s more like a novel) with many others. I think that I have a lot self-criticism when I write and because of that my role-playing ”career” is frozen at the moment. In my opinion, writing needs a lot of creativity. I don’t think myself as a creative person. Sometimes it’s very problematic in writing.

Nowadays my attitude to writing is a quite negative. Now I’m thinking, why? Maybe because I had a more negative than positive experience of writing from high school. It became clear in the high school that I have a slight dyslexia which increases the difficulty of writing (also in my mother tongue) and learning foreign languages. I’m used to living with that but it’s still hard to understand what has gone wrong in my essay when I have not applied myself enough to an essay’s topic.

I have to change my attitude to writing and trying even harder so that I can be a better writer. When I write in English I just want to get used to writing because starting to write would be easier for me in the future. In practice I promised to write something in English in my blog in every week.

I have to decrease my self-criticism when I write because a text can never be perfect. I write in my own style and it has strengths and weaknesses. At the end I still like to write!

This was my essay for the English lesson.

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