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The big destination

This spring I have a goal to be better in English. Besides this I have also another big destination. This week I started "the skills of life" course which is meant for students. I think that the course can be very useful to everyone. My first year in the University of Helsinki was really hard and in the future I want that my psyche will not crash again. Therefore my destination is to be mentally stronger and then life will be more in balance.

This course is very interesting. In the first lecture we learned that the good life consist of many things and positivism is a big resource. A regularl day rhythm with enough sleep, food and exercise is very important. Because I'm the member of Bio-Klaani, I have a bad habit to stay awake for too long at night. Now I have decided that I will not stay awake so long (you can laugh) and I also will not to sleep so long in the morning. Also, I will create a sleep rhythm for myself!

The second big idea which I get from the course is positivism. People thinking too much bad things about itselves and "what's wrong with this and that thing...". Why are we always so negative about everything? You are happier when you focus on the positive things more than the negative! I decided that I will try this in my own life. For example, when something goes wrong, I try to think what's good about this? Did I learn from my mistakes or something else?

Finally I promise to always use stairs and use not an elevator. Like this I can exercise such that I almost don't notice. I have to reveal that at the moment I'm a really lazy to exercise but I try to change it.

Ugh. There are so many promises. But I will keep them all!


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