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My mind is upside down

This weekend I have been feeling down. I don't know why. I haven't had so much to do and because of that I have time to think about all the bad things... But I promised to be more positive! Today I finally got myself to go for a walk outside. Because of that, now I am feeling happy! Outside I started to think more positive things! The nature also keeps up a good mood. The spring has come because there isn't snow anymore.

I realized that I feel lonely. I have studied really hard in this year and I haven't seen so many people. Partly I have been hardworking consciously because I don't want that I have time to miss my man who is in the army. I have noticed that it works. I have exam on next Tuesday and after that I will start to read hard for my next exam. Still I'm a little bit scared of the coming summer if I will have too much time for thinking. But I don't worry about it yet!

I have kept my promises! I have a sleep rhythm now and I have always walked up the stairs. About positive thinking, today on my walk I thought that I really love my residential area! If you don't focus thinking like these little happy things then you don't realize them. About missing, I have explained to myself "it's really wonderful that I have person like this and missing him tells about something very important". <:3

Like this my sad weekend has changed to a wonderful one!


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