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About positive thinking

Recently I have been thinking about positive psychology a lot. It concerns a human’s wellbeing, strengths, resources and how these can be maintained. Usually people don’t stop to think about some matter’s good points. I think that Finns especially are people who think a lot about bad things like ”what an awful weather”. Positive psychology focuses on human’s strengths, not on weaknesses or bad sides. The main point is that you can find positive ways even in a hard situation.

I have been trying to think in a more positive way about everything. I noticed that it was a really difficult at the start but it will became easier. I think that I got into a better mood from a way of positive thinking. Maybe this method can be applied to everything. A good example is studying English.
I have thought that I’m bad in English for my whole life. Of course I’m bad in English when I’m thinking like this! I have been trying to change my attitude about studying English since junior high school years. Yes, I have progressed but not enough.

My ALMS course is developing me a lot. I have got more self-confidence when I use English. This self-confidence is the main point. If you don’t trust yourself then you don’t use English so much. I have noticed that I have an ear or a spine for  English language, but I don’t trust it because I really don’t believe that I have this ”correct language spine” –but it’s often right. Maybe my course books in English have affected this.

I’m a proud of myself because my English teachers understand my speech. My texts are full of little mistakes but I don’t focus on them because I have written understandable text! For the first time in my life English lessons are nice in the university. I can give advice to tourists in English. I understand my course books which are full of complicated psychology terms. I have been writing in English in my blog. The question is how can I not be good at English?

This is my English essay.

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