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So many people around me

I'm sorry, I have been busy lately. The one of weekends I went to Jyväskylä see my high school friend. This spring I decided that I will fulfill my promise to visit there and it was really fun! At another weekend we had meeting with my friends of Bio-Klaani at my apartment. After that I went to see my relatives. Additionally I have tried to read for my exam. Now I will be at home for the whole Easter and just relax. It's nice feeling when you have been all the time with people and travelled around Finland and then you just can be at home alone. I'm happy that I have many social contacts but sometimes you have to be own time with yourself.

I just calculated that I still have to do about twelve hours for my ALMS course. I have two weeks time to get English AMLS course ready. My studying ideas are starting to end. Maybe I will find some way...

I have baked a lot. I realized that homemade bread is really good. Now I just need bread pan. Thanks to Snowie I also tried to make banana pancake. It was really sweet and I liked it but you can't eat it so much at a time. I think that my roommate liked it more than I.

I haven't a job for the summer. Then I might to studying part of my summer. The problem is that there isn't so many courses which I can include in my degree. Anyways, I will still enjoy my summer! I can't wait for the summer of Finland!


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