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Almost done!

I'm relieved now because yesterday I did my last psych exam this spring! I studied quite a lot for it. Also, I had passed my psych of personality course (I didn't pass it a year ago). This was my last course of basic studies. My goal is that my bachelor's degree will be ready to the next year on this time. I can't wait for starting writing my bachelor's thesis! I'm so excited!

Still I have thing to do this spring. Although my psych studies has done at this moment I have courses in mathematics and English. I have one week time to finish my English ALMS course. I need eight hours more to my ALMS log (I have 62 hours already). I thinking what I have already done for my ALMS...

- writing in English to my blog
- translate lyrics of Nightwish from English to Finnish (I don't recommend!)
- watching Breaking Bad with English subtitles and write a review about the series
- writing a little text in Finnish and then translate it to English
- writing four texts (about different topics) for "Writing in General" -ALMS group
- talking in English a LOT in "Easy Talk" -ALMS group
- reading my psych book and take notes about vocabulary
- watching Game of Thrones and take sentences from there, translate these sentences or analyze structures of sentences

... Oh, now I realize how much work I have done for the course. It's all about studies! I have done something else, too.

I have tried to walking/jogging outside. Sometimes it's really hard to get outside because I'm stacking on my computer :P But when I get myself to outside it's really nice because there is almost summer! The weather is really warm and sunny. It's nice to walking at weather like this. We have also went for a walk with my friend and ate some ice cream (an ice cream of Helsingin Jäätelötehdas is the best!). I have to admit that I'm really huge friend of ice cream...

Two weekend ago we have meeting in my apartment with people of Bio-Klaani. We went to restaurant and for surprise I ate a HUGE dish of ice cream! That was really awesome (price was also ;_;).

A huge dish of ice cream!

I have also a new hobby! I have starting to be more interesting about baking. I have baked bread a couple of times. This week I cooked meat tortillas and they were really good. Maybe something sweet for the next baking time...

Meat tortillas

Is my blog changing to a  food blog? Also, I waiting time when I can write my blog in Finnish again...

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