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Worms and mud cake

Hello all little worms! Today I cooked porridge and found a worm from there. I realized that the worm had come from my (out of date) oatmeals. Yes, that's important to tell you. Yesterday I baked a mud cake and burned my finger :I I'm not very good cooking.

What have I done?  I study, study and study. But studying is fun! How can I say like this? I have still one essay to write but before that I have to read four research articles. And day after tomorrow I'll have an exam about academic writing. Furthermore I calculate math :3 I really like my studies. I hope I'll have time to study an extended minor about maths.

My English studies. Oh well. I have had many English lessons now. My lessons are about "writing in general" and "easy talk". I think this'll be a good combination for me because I have to write and speak a lot this spring. Also I have to say that our English teachers are awesome and really supportive. Maybe I'll still find a way to learn prepositions.

There are two weeks until my winter holiday. At that time we also have our Clan's meeting :P A good time have fun then.

From a lonely (Valentine's) weekend

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