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Hi! It's in English now!

I think that I start writing to my blog in English for the next three months. I have ALMS English course at the university and because of that I have to study English for 75 hours by myself. I'm sorry that you will read my bad English from here on but I will improve and you can correct my mistakes!

To learn English is difficult for me because of my light dyslexia. I need lots of time to learn and some new study techniques to study such as this blog. I have decided that I will write a lot this spring and watch a tv-series in English or with English subtitles. I have a bad habit to put Finnish sub on but now I will bury it! I'm also planning that I will read and listen English lyrics and then translate unknown words. Usually I don't pay attention to lyrics because I'm not used to it.

Last weekend I finished watching Breaking Bad with English sub. That's an awesome and very exciting series. You have to watch it! I also wrote a little essay of my past English studies which is like a sine curve in maths :D At the same time I realized that my English word order sucks. Besides I translate straight from Finnish into English. That's bad. But I can't think in English! Maybe I will make progress in that too... For last I realized that I have problems with verbs ”be” and ”have”. What’s the difference and when can I put ”have” and when ”be”? Somehow it's a very hard for me differentiate these terms.

Now I will promise to write in the blog at least for once a week. I think that's a good way for me to learning English. Let's see, how I will succeed :3 And now I 'm going to watch Under the Dome on TV :P

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Anonymous said...

Sine curve, honey, sine curve :D

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